Hello from Italy!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello everyone from beautiful Italy! It has taken a long time for me to find a good enough internet connection to update the blog, but don't think I've forgotten about you! I've been trying and trying...although I have to say, on my big birthday tour of Italy, I've found myself so busy that it's been hard to find time to sit down at my laptop. :)

This has truly been a magical trip--it's really taken the sting out of getting older. No, not really, I don't mind getting older. Don't get me wrong--I don't love some of the changes I'm seeing--but I really do like growing older. Wiser. Stronger. Bolder. Honestly, a lot of the things that bothered me when I was younger don't bother me now. But I digress.

The point is Italy. What a country. Like many of you, I have dreamed of seeing this countryside for years and years. When I was busy raising my son and building my career and being an important part of my community, I couldn't even think of taking a vacation this long. Now, I am loving it. I have finally found the one thing I love as much as writing--seeing the world. Experiencing new places and people and customs.

As you would expect, the food is remarkable. (Can you say elastic waistband??). And we have been enjoying it! I even took a cooking class and learned to make homemade pasta, among other things. It was wonderful.

Of course, I've been reading here and there---reread Harry Potter 7 in anticipation of the movie (as good as I remember and perhaps better), Fragile by Lisa Unger, a few research books, and the entire Hunger Games series. For those of you who have read the HG books, what did you think?

And now, for a little top secret news. My publisher is planning a promotion for Night Road. I'm going to be hosting a book club party in a city somewhere---and it could be your hometown!!! All you have to do is go to this link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3XMHKQ7 and vote for your city and club! Good luck!

Well, I'm off to see Michaelangelo's David! Only waited a lifetime for this...